Chinese Teochew Opera

One night with Lao Yi Lai Heng troup in Phra Khanong Jao Mae Tubtim's shine Shrine theater.

Teochew Opera is one of the many variants of Chinese Opera, with roots in southern China. It's also very popular in Hong-Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.
The 1st form of opera, a mix of acting, singing and music playing has its root around the 8th century and was played for the emperor. Preparation is a show in itself and last several hours.
Performers colorful costumes and make-up are depicting their character traits and emotions. Each colors has its different meaning :
White is for evil, treacherous and is usually for the villain. Black is rough, fierce or impartial, Green means impulsive or violent while Red is brave, loyal.
Yellow stands for an ambitious, intelligent character while pink means happy, funny like the clown...
Thanks to a friend I had a chance to meet the Lao Yi Lai Heng troup preparing a show in a tiny shrine theater in Phra khanong market
and they warmly welcomed me to stay the evening taking pictures and enjoying my 1st opera.

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